Helping kids feel smart, strong and capable

What is it?

JourneySparks is an educational website aimed at 2nd-5th grade students that take part in an afterschool program or other community program. Our mission is to empower kids through creative self-expression, goal setting, and financial literacy. We want kids to feel smart, strong and capable.
We use creative writing and developing the user’s own narrative to promote the user’s positive sense of self and increase self-efficacy. Users are FIRSTLY extrinsically motivated to write in their journal through earning gems that can be used to buy real products. As users make their way through the curriuculum, the goal is for them to look forward to self-reflecting and creating their own story. Creativity and financial literacy come together to empower youth to shape their future.

The Platform

JourneySparks has four primary sections. My Journal, My Resources, My Bank Account and My Goals.

My Journal

The journaling tool follows a curriculum aimed at helping the user identify their unique strengths and tell their own story. Throughout the journaling journey, users are prompted to create short and mid-term goals and identify steps to reach those goals. Goals are displayed on the user’s profile where the user can track their progress. 

My Resources

The resources section is a collection of resources (videos, websites, games, etc) that have been carefully curated by our team; resources are displayed from our database based on the individual user’s interests. Resources are randomized and different ones are displayed daily. Users can save resources that they find particularly interesting.

lion king

My Bank

The Bank account consists of a checking and savings account. The user earns gems for interacting with the website through creating journal entries, exploring resources, daily logins, sharing thoughts, etc. Gems can be used in the JourneySparks store to purchase school supplies and books. During the Holiday season, users may purchase gifts for others. All purchases will be grouped by organization and shipped on a set schedule.

Gems are deposited into the user’s checking account as they are earned. Users have instant access to their gems and can use their checking account to shop in the store. During the first store visit, users are encouraged to select a savings goal and are shown how to transfer gems into their savings account to work towards that goal.

How Does it Work?

When organizations sign up for JourneySparks, they are given a set number of seats. Each user then has access to a resources section, a bank account and store, and a journaling tool.

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